Monday, December 13, 2010

"On" by Jubee and the Morning After

On from JuBee and the Morning After on Vimeo.

Our good friend Jubee and his awesome band just released their new video "On". Go show him some love. He is truly a talented artist and a rare gem. In fact you may one day turn on your TV and see him rocking out. Just know you were there from the beginning with a little help from Music Gems. ;) Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Emily Hope Price

Think about the things that you do every single day: eat, brush your teeth (hopefully!), and go to your job/school. Now imagine if you wrote a song every day for an entire year. Emily Hope Price doesn't have to imagine it, she's living it! Even with her recent sabbatical to write for a movie score she is still reaching and topping her goal of a song a day.

Besides this amazing feat, the songs that she writes are heartfelt and passionate. Armed with a poet's tongue, a graceful sense of melody, a voice that changes octaves and keys with ease, and a unique take on a classic instrument- you can't go wrong with Emily Hope Price!

Who/What inspired you to pursue music?
I would have to say my dad. He is a passionate music lover who always had music playing in the house. His mother is a pianist, organist, and singer as well and has always led a life revolving around sharing music.

How do you usually write your songs?
Every song is different and is born in a very different way, though many of my songs come from an initial "playing around" or improvisation period in my day. I'll find a tiny chord progress and spontaneously sing a melody with it. If I latch onto it immediately, I'll record it as quickly as possible and keep working until it fleshes itself out. It can be a daunting, yet totally fulfilling process this way. Other times, I'll deliberately sit down and say to myself, "This song is about a dream I had once..." or what have you, and I'll build the progressions using things my theory teachers taught me (kudos!). It progresses as the story progresses. The important thing for me is to keep everything new and interesting. Without this, my minds will grow stale and shut right up like a steel trap. The most freeing thing for me to believe is that there is no wrong or bad. I try not to judge anything before I have a real idea of what it is. If I can tell myself this, I can always come up with something I can learn from at the very least, if not absolutely love and play live again and again.

What is the first artist you remember loving as a child?
I absolutely loved Michael Jackson. I remember being in Kindergarten when I saved up 200 pennies to buy his picture biography. I watched Thriller a million times. He had such a stage presence.

If you could collaborate with one musician,dead or alive, who would it be?
This is so tough. There are so many... Just thinking of the hundreds of people who are now gone who I would have loved to collaborate with - sound artist Richard Gribenas, Son House or Johnny Cash. If I had to choose one (and if this ever became a reality, I'm not sure if I'd hold up very well) - I am a huge fan of Jonny Greenwood's work. He's absolutely brilliant and incredibly thoughtful about sound and the art of composing.

What is your dream venue to play?
Cliche or not - I would have to say Carnegie Hall or the Paris Opera House. (Hey, dress for the job you want, right? :)

If you could experience another decade of music first hand, which would it be?
Beethoven's later period. Absolutely. (Though I didn't single out a specific decade - oh, to be a fly on the wall of that man's total genius.)

If a movie is ever made about your life, who would play you?
My band, Pearl and the Beard, has actually talked about this quite a bit. We are such a wonderful collection of nerds that we've already planned who will play each of us in Pearl and the Beard's made for TV movie. For me? Milla Jovovich (due to receiving a Christmas Card from her - or her assistant, which is still pretty cool - when I was 8) or Zoe Deschanel (for the fringe).

If you could pick a gemstone to symbolize you and your music what would it be?
The first one that comes to mind is Amber. I say that because amber comes in a variety of colors (green, red, yellow, orange, blue, black...) but even the most common of colors has been affected by its surroundings, each having its own character, and it may have trapped an artifact of life deep within its core, telling yet another story of its past and where it has been. I think that's a good summary of how I hope my music comes across. I'm very affected by everything that has come before me and all that is currently swirling around me. It all becomes affected and gets "trapped" within the frame work of what I'm creating, hoping that each is very distinct and different from the next.

Is there anything that I haven't asked that you'd like to say?
Nope. I think you've done a great job asking the questions! These are very good!

You can browse through her many brilliant creations here:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mark Mandeville

Mark Mandeville along with his accomplice, Raianne Richards, manages to merge all that is good about country, indie, and folk into a melodic and soothing tune. He writes songs that suggest wisdom from hard earned life lessons. You're invited in by his honest and raw voice that is properly enhanced by warm background vocals, courtesy of Richards.

In the newest product of their collaboration titled "No Big Plans", Mandeville and Richards get their hands dirty (so to speak) with good 'ole down south country grit. From the "Airplane Song" that is a melodic, lazy, sunny day anthem to "Heavy Winds" that could rock you to sleep and awaken your soul at the same time. Perhaps the true title of this album should be "Nothing But Big Plans". Sweet music to my ears.

I am blessed with the opportunity to talk to Mark and even share the stage with him tomorrow at the Golden Bough. It's definitely going to be a night that I remember and if you show, I'm sure it will be for you as well.

Who/What inspired you to pursue music?
During high school, my first band had all the fixings - a basement to practice in, groupies, roadies, a sound man, and most importantly, a manager/some who strongly believed in us. Although this arrangement really boiled down to a bunch of good friends and something cool to do, we did take our band seriously. And honestly, I'm not sure where I'd be today without that former support; the whole situation was an extremely positive and self-fortifying experience.

How do you usually write your songs?

Two ways. One, I used to distract myself by any means possible in order to get to my subconscious. Two, I think I'm getting better at writing about subjects on a conscious level - usually beginning with method one and then whittle out shapeless bits, giving the piece some form which can be sung.

What is the first artist you remember loving as a child?
Man. I really did value the vocal work of Axl Rose.

If you could collaborate with one musician,dead or alive, who would it be?

What is your dream venue to play?
Carnegie Hall.

If you could experience another decade of music first hand, which would it be?
The early 70's.

If a movie is ever made about your life, who would play you?
Johnny Depp. Or maybe, more appropriately, an up-and-comer.

If you could pick a gemstone to symbolize you and your music what would it be?
Granite. Sorry, don't they make rings out of that?

Is there anything that I haven't asked that you'd like to say?
Just thank you.

To learn more about Mark, check out his website:

Listen to his songs for free here: Airplane Song, Heavy Winds

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Song of the Day: Talk To Me by The Frequency

A song for every occasion; that is the belief I have always held. This song's purpose today for me is meditative and contemplative. Life, for me, has held an ice storm quality in the air for some time. I feel like I am frozen now but the melting process will come soon. The frequency has tuned into my feelings of the day. Perhaps they will do the same for you.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Song of the Day: I'm Like a Train, My Lord by Sarah Blacker

I have seen Sarah Blacker perform twice. Once was at the well-known open mic night at Eddie's Attic. The other time was at an intimate venue in Macon. Both times her voice and presence amazed me. She sings with such sincerity and heart and when you meet her face to face, she carries those same traits in her character as well. This song especially shows everything that is good about singer/songwriters: brutal honesty, a sincere heart, and an understanding of humanity.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Song of the Day: Cold December by Matt Costa

Road trips, to me, are just an excuse to listen to music for four hours straight. Perhaps it's a little antisocial but I usually spend the whole time absorbed in whatever musical obsession I'm hooked on at the moment. Of course such dependence would allow the world to test me a bit. Halfway through my most recent road trip, my beloved ipod died on me. Luckily a good friend of mine, Richard, let me listen to the musical contents of his iphone. This song, Cold December, was one that made an appearance on the shuffle. I vaguely remember it being on a commercial several years back. It's one of those that when you hear it, you just love it but you may not always know that much about the artist. But I definitely hope to remedy that ;)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Song of the Day: Let Loose the Horses by The Rescues

I love the Rescues :D When I first heard them at a songwriting workshop at Berklee I was blown away by their mutual creativity and efficiency on their individual instruments. I've already featured "Can't Stand the Rain" as a song of the day several months back, but this is the kind of band that you really need to check out their entire album. There are so many musical gems there just waiting to be discovered.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Song of the Day: She's Got You High by Mumm-ra

I don't know what it is about British music that always seem to ooze melodic, catchy, yet simple rock...but I love it! This song starts off serene, adding parts gradually that excite the listener. Their vocals weave together in a way that all parts seem to exist with and without each other at the same time. Steady guitars and an excellent bass line are like candy for my ears. The video is very innovative, as well. Perhaps the gigantic shoe tapping to the beat was showing off some kind of psychic ability...because my feet are definitely tapping.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Song of the Day: Right Hand On My Heart by The Whigs

I am a sucker for good indie rock, especially leaning towards the garage or British end. It's most definitely my comfort zone. I love the strong drum patterns, vocals with attitude and presence, killer guitar solos, and lyrics that stick out. "Right Hand On My Heart" has ALL of that and they only need 3 band members to do it! Thanks to I have the opportunity to see them play live in a couple of weeks. There is no power on this earth that'll make me miss it!!! Well, except for that pesky thing called work...even then...I HAVE to go!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Song of the Day: Dying Breed by Marissa Nadler

There is the feeling I get when a song resonates with my soul. It can feel like an out of body experience. In some ways it's as though my mind is trying to relay some subconscious message, long forgotten. Perhaps it's an experience of a past life or perhaps it's just an intensely personal song...but "Dying Breed" feels like home to me. I especially love the tone of Marissa's voice mixed with the roundabout feel of the guitar in the background. It is obvious that Marissa cares to write songs that mean something.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Song of the Day: The Ground Rules by Geri X

One of the most frustrating things to me is missing all the great shows in my hometown due to silly necessary evils called "work". ;) But thanks to an excellent site, I can now view all the shows I missed online and even catch a few acoustic extras. Whereas it can never replace the experience of a live show, it's a good way to get excited about the shows you can make it to. So take a listen to this catchy song by Geri X. Check her out:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Song of the Day: Honeymoon by Bombadil

"Throw the body in the lake, and take the chance that no one will find out..." Umm...Who wouldn't want to listen to a song that starts off with that line!? The refrain "what lies behind that honeymoon" coupled with the verses that'll have you in hysterics, whether it be laughing or crying, sets a comedic and possibly harsh take on the aftermath of a honeymoon. With a voice that exudes sincerity, beautiful guitar tones, and a steady beat, where can you go wrong? And if all of that doesn't get you, then maybe the piano solos will.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Song of the Day: The World Spins Madly On by The Weepies

"The World Spins Madly On" Sometimes a song has you at the title. There is hardly any need to explain the beauty of this song, but since this is a blog which often implies there is some form of writing, I'll do my best. To me, the beauty of this song is not only in the tone of the guitars and the graceful harmony and melody, it is in the message. It is the message that we all want to hear- that no matter what happens as we walk through this crazy thing called life, it'll all be okay. With that message, the catchy-ness of the song is just icing on the cake. Oh and don't forget to marvel at this simple yet brilliantly done video by a guy named Nick Ryan Chavez. I think he has a promising future ahead of him. :) Check it out:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Song of the Day: Beating Drums by Dave Gerard

Sometimes the most attention grabbing songs are the ones that softly tell the truth. Dave Gerard definitely has one of those voices that speaks to people. With just one note, you feel compelled to rapt attention. Truth has always been a treasure to me. It takes a brave person to be able to reveal what they feel and think without a measure of concealment. Dave seems to specialize in these types of songs. Here is his site:
Please go take a listen and prepare yourself for entry into a contemplative zone like no other.

Beating Drums S-A-W 1 by DaveGerard

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Song of the Day: Ambient 1 by Brian Eno

I often talk about the way music affects people because it has affected me in so many positive ways. For instance, when I feel upset about something I write it in a song. And when I can't sleep, the same solution presents itself. If you suffer from insomnia, I prescribe several listens of this beautiful song. Let it be your natural cure ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Song of the Day: Hot Like the Sun by Floco Torres

I am not exaggerating when I say this song has LIVED in my head for the past few months. I worked outside at summer camp and at random and amusing moments during the day Floco's song would start playing in my head. There is no need for an explanation as to why when you give it a listen. It's on fire! Hey, it is hot like the sun. ;)

If you're in Macon, make sure you catch him with Jubee at the 567 @ 7:30. Stay for the whole show. It's bound to be superb with this line up of talent!

Read my past interview with Floco here: Floco Interview

Friday, August 13, 2010

Song of the Day: Telephone by Caleb Grimes

There are often times when I don't pick my song of the day, it picks me. Caleb Grimes is an emerging artist from Georgia who has some catchy tunes. Take "Telephone" for instance- and no not the Ga Ga song- it truly does ring in your ears for hours, even days after hearing it. His music is like a combination of every down-to-earth, calming alternative musician playing over the radio waves. Hopefully, one day you will hear this on your way to work or play. Then you'll be able to say you heard it first at Music Gems. ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Song of the Day: Le temp nous dira by Ludo Pin

I love French music. I love the French language in general. I dearly love their cafe and acoustic music. There are so many talented musicians around the world that America knows nothing about. I dearly wish we'd play more international music on the radio. Why close our country and our radio stations off to the majority of the music from other cultures? Granted some "break through" but they shouldn't have to go through all that trouble to get us to tune in a little more and spot those foreign and lovely musical gems. If you care to start with Ludo Pin's romantic yet catchy tune, be my guest!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Song of the Day: Goodnight Goodnight by Sean Atkins

I believe everyone has a unique love story to tell. Ironically, though our expression of love in life differs, the word choices we use in songs are often very similar. That being said, it's nice to find a sweet love song with a unique setting and perspective and colorful word choice. It takes a strong writer to be able to offer variety of character without removing the strength and familiarity of the sentiment. That writer would be Sean Atkins:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Song of the Day: Golden Arrows by Dynasty Electric

There is something so enticing about an electronic/rock mix with delicate vocals. Dynasty Electric certainly rocks this combination and rocks it well. This song is particularly reminiscent of Goldfrapp and PJ Harvey if they decided to combine forces. You might even throw in a little Lady Gaga. It's the kind of song you might find on a bad ass tunes to take on the world to mix cd of sorts. This Brooklyn band is certainly electric in every sense of the word.

Whatever their sound is, go decide for yourself.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Song of the Day: Darling Dear by The Bella Birds

When I think of a group of singing birds, I immediately relate it to the happiness of spring. Instantaneously, my mind is flooded with images of a bright, blue sky and plenty of trees filled with colorful birds whose communication is musical at the core. The Bella Birds live up to this imagery with "Darling Dear". It is a happy, poppy, acoustic jig that will leave your ears begging for more.

I may be bias because I have the honor and privileged of opening for them at the Wonderroot on August 24th, but they are truly talented. If you're in the Atlanta area, come check it out! It's bound to be a fun show. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Song of the Day: People Should Get More Aware by Bird Names

Maybe it's the College age group, but in recent years I have seen my friends and people around my town open their minds to experimental music. If music is essentially about expressing oneself then why must we box ourselves into a verse-chorus-verse existence? In my experience, people can rarely fit into a box or a label. Neither can this song...but it's wildly addicting. Such a great Chicago based band called Bird Names. Check them out:

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Song of the Day: "The End To..." by Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Is it me or do a lot of hopeful songs also happen to be melodic and acoustic? Perhaps that is simply my vision of hopefulness and happiness, but this song is oozing with a natural sweetness. If you haven't heard of them already, definitely take a listen to all that the Holy Ghost Tent Revival has to offer. It is a glorious blend of playful and serious, of oldies and modern.
<a href="">The End To... by Holy Ghost Tent Revival</a>

Friday, August 6, 2010

Song of the Day: Release by She Keeps Bees

If music is like medicine, then sometimes you need a prescription. If I were the "music doctor" I would prescribe this for any anger-inducing problems you may be experiencing in your life. Sometimes you just need raw guitar, drums, and vocals stripped of hype, telling you like it is. It truly is releasing hearing "She Keeps Bees" singer, Jessica Larrabee grunge it out a little for us. Now I "release" you! Go listen! ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Song of the Day: On by Jubee

This summer has been a crazy one for me. Life has not slowed down in the least. So it's easy for me to relate to Jubee's song "On". I definitely feel like I've had to be "on" for the past two months.

I actually got to sit down and interview Jubee for my music article in M Food and Culture. He is a really talented hip-hop artist who has a good rapping and singing voice. I was definitely inspired by his fearlessness and willing to just jump in and share his music with me. He is definitely "on"...just saying... ;)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Marc Blackwell

If you were to buy a motorcycle and ride around on it, fully clad in leather, Marc Blackwell might start playing in the background. His song "Gotta Stay" is the kind of song that you could conquer a challenge and kick butt to. It's the kind of music that makes you want to put on a pair of black boots and kick up some dirt. Okay, you get the visual...

Though he masters bad-ass with ease, there is more than one side Marc Blackwell's music. "That's How I Remember You" shows his contemplative side. "One More Day" is optimistic nostalgia rockin' out at its best. "Love For Free" rings out as sweet and happy. But the common thread in all of his music is most definitely the sincerity of his delivery. You don't doubt that he means what he says and says what he means. He pulls it all off in a form that is catchy and makes you want to get your groove on. Alternative radios, perk your ears please and tune into Marc Blackwell!

Who/What inspired you to pursue music?
Music has always been a huge part of my life since I was young. I have to credit a childhood friend that really gave me the bug, he had a guitar and amp with a distortion pedal, he convinced me to get a bass guitar, so I begged my parents for one. Once I had it, I was thinking hey, this isn't as fun as the guitar so I had to make my parents return it and get me a Les Paul copy! Although guitar was my instrument of choice in the beginning, I ended up playing bass guitar in a touring band for about 15 years!

How do you usually write your songs?
Lately, I've been working with some co-writers that write lyrics only, they send me their lyrics and I write music to them, it usually works out but once in a while it doesn't.

What is the first artist you remember loving as a child?
The first band that I remember absolutely loving was Motley Crue (Shout at the Devil), they were just so evil and bad ass, they were very cool!

If you could collaborate with one musician, dead or alive, who would it be?
Oh there are so many, it's hard to pick just one! I grew up in Bloomington, IN. Home of John Mellencamp, I'd do some songs with him.

What is your dream venue to play?
Hum, I guess I've never had a dream venue, but my favorite gigs are the Chicago street festivals!

If you could experience another decade of music first hand, which would it be?
I'd like to experience the 70's first hand, that would be pretty cool!

If a movie is ever made about your life, who would play you?
Mark Wahlberg for sure.

If you could pick a gemstone to symbolize you and your music what would it be?
How about a diamond? Cause I'm just a diamond in the rough... lame!

Is there anything that I haven't asked that you'd like to say?
I've never been a fan of these questionnaires, hope I didn't bore you too much!

Click HERE to listen Marc's band called Black Swagger and vote for them by downloading a free track!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Song of the Day: Bad Coffee (Builds Character) by The Alexandria Kleztet

So I promise that in the past 18 days that I've not blogged, that I wasn't kidnapped and dragged to the desert. BUT if I was, this song might do well as background music. I love world music or modern music with world music influences. The blend does the ear good.

In other news, Music Gems is about to see the dawning of a new day. I'm going to steadily be working in some new ideas and projects. So stick with me, even through the Louise-has-a-life stages and you're sure to appreciate it. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Song of the Day: Can't Let Go by Air Traffic Contoller

Love has a funny way of taking its toll on everyone, that's why the solution is best when your feelings are channeled into funny videos and songs. Basically this song highlights a guy thinking he sees the car of a girl he loves and used to be in a relationship with. He follows the car on its' route and they finally pull over only to be greeted with a punch from the man he has been following this whole time. So next time love is getting you down and you're missing someone, refer back to this video and know that it could always be worse. ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Song of the Day: If You Only Live Once by SLYDIGS

I've recently been delving into my thought patterns about life. I look around me and not enough of the environment I'm in encourages living in the moment. People seem to meander from moment to moment indulging in the thoughts of the past or future. But we only have now, so "lets get on with living". There is no guaranteed second chance at life. If this is it, you need to be proud of your choices. And I am extremely proud of my choice for making this the song of the day... ;) It is apparently very hard for me to stray away from my love of UK rock. Oh well, you only live once.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Song of the Day: Too Many Colors by Aleka's Attic

I am a big River Phoenix fan. I absolutely love Stand By Me and have been craving Dogfight. If you know who he was, then you know he was a very talented actor. What many people don't know was he was also a gifted musician. He seemed to be very deeply caring and contemplative. I love the sound of Aleka's Attic which is part Beatles, the Police, and throw in some jazz and reggae influences. I wish he had been able to fully realize his musical dreams before he passed away. I would've bought every album.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finn Miles

So I may be a bit biased but I have been in the mood for thinking, contemplative music. Finn Miles provides this effortlessly. With a gentle voice, steady strumming, and songs to dream to it is obvious that he values more than just the "performance" of music. He has drawn from his pure passion and heart.

With songs that stretch from "Looper" to "Catch You if I Can", Finn Miles has a comfortable range that never lingers too far from the core of his music. He is the type of artist that you could just as easily tap your feet to as you could cry.

Let's just say he had me at the intro of "Metamorphosis"... ;)

Who/What inspired you to pursue music?
I was inspired in college to take up guitar and harmonica in order to learn how to play the blues. The Animals version of "House of the Rising Sun" was the first song I became obsessed with. Once I learned the basics of guitar it seemed natural to write lyrics, jam, and be musically creative.

How do you usually write your songs?
I usually start with a concept, or a single "thesis" line; then I pick up my acoustic guitar and start trying to find the song's soul. Songwriting is very much like sculpting; I am usually working on a number of projects at once. I'll sit down and chip away at a lyric or melody, then come back to it in a week or two and continue to whittle away, bit by bit.
(see Tarkovsky's 'Sculpting in time'

What is the first artist you remember loving as a child?
The Beatles. I believe there is some embarrassing family footage of me strumming a tennis racket and lip-syncing to 'Help' somewhere on an old VHS tape in my parent's basement.

If you could collaborate with one musician, dead or alive, who would it be?
I would collaborate with Sufjan Stevens, just to see get an inside glimpse at his songwriting method. The guy is a genius!

What is your dream venue to play?
Austin City Limits would be a dream come true.

If you could experience another decade of music first hand, which would it be?
It seems like a trite answer, but I really believe the best music is yet to come. I'm excited about 2010 and beyond because I think it'll be the first decade of true post-rock music; the innovation of independent musicians is bound to churn out some indescribably good tunes.

If a movie is ever made about your life, who would play you?
I suppose I would play myself. If I wasn't available to play myself I'd ask Tobey Maguire to stand in.

If you could pick a gemstone to symbolize you and your music what would it be?
Opal. It's generally earth tone and blue; it's calming and has a lot of texture and depth.

Is there anything that I haven't asked that you'd like to say?
Live simply. Whistle. Say hi to people. Play music. Read a book. Learn how to love.

Watch for a new Finn Miles album and a tour in Fall 2010 at!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Song of the Day: Under Me Sensi by Barrington Levy

Here is a little known fact about me: I am a sucker for good reggae music. I love me some Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff, mon'. No matter how you feel about the content of the lyrics (a lot of talk about ganga), you cannot deny the groovy-ness of the beats and how catchy a brilliant reggae singer can be. This is the first I've heard of Barrington Levy even though he has been a big Jamaican star since the 1980's. It appears that this song, along with a few of his others, has been mixed and modernized since its' original release and posted on myspace for people to stumble upon. Therefore exposing the fantastic "WAAAOOOoohh"'s to a younger generation. Amen to that! This is definitely the kind of song that I could play on repeat. In fact, I think I'll go do that. ;)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Song of the Day: Plastic Girl by Jason Runnells

I think everyone has met what Jason Runnells refers to as a "plastic girl". Maybe, you've even "killed" yourself for one. And if you can't relate to the plastic or girl bit of the song, then perhaps you can relate to wanting someone who drags you on. The best way to deal? Hip bass lines, sexy vocals, and killer guitar parts. In fact, it's the best way to deal with any problem. :D Well, that and maybe some chocolate. Listen and feel cool. It's like my guarantee.

Song of the Day: Take to the Seas by Take to the Seas

What does the sea symbolize to you? To me, it is an escape from normalcy. It is quite literally "diving into" the unknown. Like the sea, life is filled with unexpected twist and turns, ups and downs. It's easy to say when life takes a turn for the worst, that nothing is worthy or helpful but I strongly believe that everything is neither good or bad, but what we make of it. Perhaps a flat line life wouldn't suite our overactive minds. So I believe in taking the dive and the risk.

That's what the title means to me. To the band, Take to the Seas, it is a song that symbolizes what they are all about. They are from the very cool music scene of Sheffield, England which has bred acts such as Arctic Monkeys, Def Leppard, and Pulp. So take to the seas (if you're American like myself), head over to Sheffield, and give this band a go.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Song of the Day: Wrapped Up In Love by Marie Hines

Sometimes you just need a good pop song. Like I've said before, I believe every day has its' own mood song. I love the most recent movement in music with female singer-songwriters who are allowed to be sweet but smart as well. In my own experience in writing songs, sometimes it's the most pure, love songs that can be the hardest to write. But everybody needs one. :) So sing along to this beauty.

p.s. It's especially nice to visualize the words of the song. 'Cause who wouldn't want to be wrapped up like a bow? :D

Monday, April 19, 2010

Song of the Day: Gnat Years by Absofacto

I love it when artists take risks and decide to break the rules a bit. Who ever said that a song had to be verse/chorus/verse? I love it when a random guitar part is spun or new words are implanted or an artist decides to go into left field with vocal parts. If every song was put together the same way, no matter how many were written, we wouldn't be able to represent everyone's emotions. And I believe everyone deserves to have a song they can relate to. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Song of the Day: Sunday (It's A Chrome Tide) by Hello Kavita

Isn't it amazing how even during the worst of days or weeks or heck, even months a great song can lift you up? Music is a huge part of my life, quite obviously, and I believe that is has the power to heal.

This song makes me feel like I am riding in the most beautiful country scene in a convertible with the top down. It's a song that is free of worries or at least decides to take a vacation from them. I believe that music serves as a great connector for all people. I've met so many people who I thought I'd have nothing in common with and we start talking about music and there always seems to be common denominator. It reminds you that though we're all very different, we still can relate. That's the power of music.

This song expresses all of that. Just the opening guitar hook to "Sunday (It's A Chrome Tide)" will quite literally reel you into the peaceful atmosphere of Hello Kavita. It's one you're not going to want to part with.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Song of the Day: Sloth by Katy Rose

I don't know if many people remember an artist who came out in 2004 named Katy Rose. Her song "Lemon" was used in the movie Thirteen and "Overdrive" was featured in Mean Girls, nudging it onto the MTV and VH1 countdowns. At the time, her album was "Because I Can". After that release, she ended up self-releasing an album called Candy-Eyed which is more experimental than her first. It's a shame that due to the nature of the music business more people probably know about "Overdrive" than any of her newer, and arguably better songs. But believe me, if you like something a little left of the airwaves, try this on for size. She weaves words in a way that is truly rare and tosses out unused metaphors like they weren't a sight to be seen. She's truly one of my favorite female artists. On top of all that, it's just a downright catchy song. Check it out and go hear more on her myspace:

Friday, April 9, 2010

Song of the Day: Huh What? by Gliss


One of the best parts of seeing your favorite band live is it brings back all of the memories you've made with their music and reminds you of your former self. It opens up the floodgates to all the other songs and bands you were into at the time. I remember several years back I was looking for some new music and stumbled upon Gliss. I had to listen to a total of 2 seconds of this song before it became my new favorite. Even though the last time I heard it was at least a year or two ago, I still remember all of the lyrics and still feel very cool while singing it ;) Possibly when I'm touring in a band one day, we will get to cover this song. I call lead vocals!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Arctic Monkeys at The 40 Watt Club

There are few bands that I truly love as much as Arctic Monkeys. To me they are consistently good, put on an outstanding live show, and write songs that leave a mark. They never try to be big, bad rock stars. They are just a group of guys who love music. In the current times, that is definitely to be respected. But, more to the point...I got to see them in concert for the third time. :D

The 40 Watt is located in Athens, GA which hosts the biggest university in the state- UGA. It is the quintessential "college town" in both the looks and atmosphere. The 40 Watt has witnessed the performances of great musical acts such as R.E.M and The B-52's and holds an important spot in the history of Athens and its' music scene. To me, it was a perfect size allowing for a more personal show than a bigger venue in Atlanta would've allowed.

My group of friends and I arrived at the watt at about 7 and there was already a line. The band's buses were lined up beside the building and you could hear the last bit of sound check. While we were waiting two girls started squealing, left their spot in line and ran behind the buses making their way to the back door. Alex Turner apparently was the lure. He ducked out pretty quick, obviously not relishing in the attention, preferring to keep to the stairs and his cigarette. It's like I said, they have no desire to be big-shot rock stars. In fact, it's very clear that they just want to play their music without the pressure of fame.

When the doors opened me and mine made our way to the front of the stage, opting not to stop for t-shirts or beverages of any sort. We have all been Arctic Monkey fans for a while and didn't want to miss our chance to get the best "seats" or rather "stands" since no sitting was involved. We stood there for about an hour, laughing at the mix of crowd that had come together and enjoyed the moment. Finally around 9 o' clock Sleepy Sun, the opening act, fell from the sky and onto the stage. Or at least that's how it felt.

I like psychedelic music and I do believe that Sleepy Sun was talented but it was hard to get into them after waiting so long for the Monkeys. There were definitely some unique aspects to their performance. There was this plant they seemed fixated on and dancing was mildly interpretive. We were even let in on a clapping game that some members of the audience deemed too difficult. Certain concert-goers were caught up in the moment and the smell of skunk pot wafted in the air. Sleepy sun ended with a cymbal and a recorder solo. And then the night descended...Okay, I'll drop the corny sun metaphors.

After a long set change and of course a fog machine intro, the monkeys finally made their way to the stage...

I had the best spot ever and boy did I have to fight for it. I was right below Alex and had a good view of Jamie, Matt, and Nick. I actually heard these guys behind me say amongst themselves that my spot was the spot to have. I braced myself for attack when A.M. started playing. The crowd started moving instantly, fairly harmless but very pushy group of people. Luckily, I have hips and can hold my ground. My friend Richard definitely helped and I was in front of some fairly respectful guys.

The set list was a nice combination of all of their albums. Some people in the crowd were screaming to play their favorites, but when you have so many good songs it's understandable that you have to pick and choose. At least four people crowd surfed and made it on stage only to be dragged away by security. One guy put his hands up victoriously and even got a laugh out of Alex and Jamie. At one point the mic stand fell over and the guy behind me grab the mic and screamed, "Arctic Monkeys, Arctic Monkeys, motherf**king, Arctic Monkeys!" When the mic was returned to Alex, he had a smile on his face and repeated the chant, obviously getting a kick out of it, as did the rest of the band.

The crowd went insane to old favorites, "I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor" and "The View from the Afternoon." "Brianstorm" was also particularly rousing. "Crying Lightning" from the viewpoint of the crowd felt like we were plopped into the music video, the crowd being the ocean, the stage was the band's boat and of course the crowd surfers were the giant versions of the band. At one point the audience got so wild even Alex remarked that it was time for a breather, opting to skip the more energetic songs like "Dangerous Animals." Which is a shame because it would've fit the theme.

They played some of the greats from "Humbug", of course. "Secret Door" resonated especially well live and as I sang "Fools on parade conduct a sing-a-long," I couldn't help but sing it passionately to the guys behind me that arrived late, but were determined to make it to the front. The same guys decided to go a bit old school and whip out their lighters for the slower songs. It made me wish I had been able to get a picture but my hands were too busy securing my spot.

After a set that seemed to fly by, the monkeys made their exit. Immediately the crowd roared "Monkeys, Monkeys!" and the guys came back for an encore that included "Fluorescent Adolescent" and "505". "505" left me in a very zen-like state but still hungry for more. One by one the monkeys left the stage, throwing picks as they went. And it was over...

There are hardly words worthy enough for describing A.M. live. Each song is undeniably bursting with energy. Alex makes every word count, every syllable has a life of its own. Nick is very calm, almost as though he is listening for his bass to communicate with him rather than forcing it. Jamie remains in a zone of what I assume to be his guitar haven, playing every part with heart (no rhyme intended). And Matt most definitely acts as a lightning rod of energy, allowing for the band to maintain the focus and energy. Whether they intend to or not, they have stage presence and they let the music speak for itself.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Song of the Day: All the Way by Leslie Hunt


Here is the reason I dislike American Idol. American Idol seems to me to be so obsessed with finding the next Christina Aguilera voice that they miss out on finding the kind of voice that will continue to grow and work for many different kinds of songs. I was surprised to find out that Leslie Hunt was actually on American Idol and of course in true Simon fashion, he focused on what he felt were her weaknesses. It's very depressing to live in a culture that seems to focus more on technique than artistry. Personally, I would rather listen to this song than half of what the American Idol winners produce. Just listen to the beginning guitar part. It's addicting. Leslie has a nice way of blending rock and jazz. She's a true artist and what I definitely consider to be a "music gem".

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Song of the Day: Moscow State Circus by Eugene McGuinness

If you have not heard of Eugene McGuinness, then you have been seriously deprived. He is one of the most creative and talented artists I've heard in a while. This song and video have been one of my favorites for months. It'll make you want to find some fencing buddies so you can steal their gear and emulate what the dancers in the video are doing.

Not to mention it has the phrase "we're tumbling down the rabbit hole" and it is Easter. I say it's fate that this was our song of the day. ;)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Song of the Day: Rachmaninoff Prelude in G Minor by Valentina Lisitsa

I have a healthy respect for classical music, but I don't wake up every morning listening to it. I was studying this morning, which always requires classical music (any music with words would make me sing). I you tubed Beethoven's 5th symphony and found this incredible pianist named Valentina Lisitsa. First, I couldn't pull my eyes away from her bright colored dress (red is my favorite color). But then I focused on her playing. Just like the texture of the song, she was gently sliding her fingers across the keys, like she was stroking a pet cat and not once did she glance at sheet music. I believe there are a lot of artists who can play classical music with good technique but to able to do that and put such heart into it is enough to make me a fan! You'll see what I mean.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Floco Torres

So, as you guys know, I'm always eager to learn more about all aspects of music, including the business side. A couple of months ago, I contacted a local record label called Random Family Records. From there I spoke with the owner Chris who suggested I shadow one of his artists. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I've learned from him and in a very short amount of time.

He's a hip-hop artist with versatility that will have you in awe (he did a mind blowing cover of "Add it Up" by Violent Femmes), who loves the color green, and who I consider to be a cool new friend of mine. You can call him Floco Torres. :D

With the energy of the greats in his performances, witty lyrics, and a genuinely friendly spirit that connects with his audience, you may begin to think that Floco has super powers. But what you will find is a great guy who truly loves his art form and is extremely hard working. Check him out guys! You're gonna want to remember the name, Floco Torres.

Who/What inspired you to pursue music?

I've always been a big writing fanatic so it kind of started from there. I had my own little comic book when I was 9 and played a couple different instruments throughout the younger years. I think as I started to really write music and watch people's reactions to my craft is really what made me want to pursue music. It's cool to see how a thought you created can resonate with a totally different person. And who DOESNT want to be a rockstar?? lol

How do you usually write your songs?

I usually write songs after a particular situation or feeling that occurs. In recent cases, heartache & frustration mixed with anxiety and optimism lol....I'm all about feeling and energy most of the time so if I don't feel it within the 1st couple mins I move on from it...

Who is the first artist you remember loving as a child?

As cliche as it sounds, Michael Jackson. I was just in love with his performances and the way people went crazy for him. Around teenage years it was hip-hop artist Cassidy...To be such an English nerd his wordplay intrigued the hell outta me and it showed through my early writing...

If you could collaborate with one musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

Dead would probably be Big L .....I think hip-hop wouldve been ALOT different if he wasnt taken from us so early and alive I would say Paul McCartney...I feel like I could learn alot from him musically & just writing....Mind you, these change for me once every 20 mins lol

What is your dream venue to play?

Its between Madison Square Garden & any House Of Blues venue....They both have that "Ive made it" feel & look

If you could experience another decade of music first hand, which would it be?

Def the 60's! If I could get 10 days worth of LSD and be dropped off January 1st 1960 and get to leave December 29th 1969 that would be sooooooo dope lol

If a movie is ever made about your life, who would play you?

Hmm....thats a GOOD freakin question....Its between Derek Luke & Leonardo DiCaprio LOL

If you could pick a gemstone to symbolize you and your music what would it be?

Alexandrite. For one its GREEN lol...And its about aligning the emotional and mental body together...If humans could figure out how to do that there would be less stress on everyday living I feel....

Is there anything that I haven't asked that you'd like to say?

You didn't ask how I got my name, how I feel about the state of hip-hop, what genre I consider myself or where I see myself in like 5-10 years so I'm happy. Thanks for the interview and people PLEASE, if you like my music, make sure you purchase, download, pirate or w/e...then tell a friend about it after you get it. YOU help me keep doing this every single day. Cheers!

There you have it! Now go download the free "The Anti Valentine's Day is STILL Green" mix tape here:

Photo credit: Maryann Bates

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Song of the Day: Rain or Shine by Matthew Perryman Jones

I have a funny sense of irony. Today is a beautiful, sunny, day. Springtime is here, despite the freezing weather of yesterday, and there are cherry blossoms blooming on practically every corner. And yet, my song of the day has the word "rain" in it. But when it comes to love, you're entitled to include some ideas on the far end of either spectrum. I believe in the kind of love described simply, but beautifully, in this song, "I'm gonna love you, baby come rain or shine." Dig it. ;)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Song of the Day: Stupid Thing by Nickel

To me it matters little where a song comes from, but what it ends up meaning to you. I am a huge Buffy fan and have been since I was in elementary school. I own all the seasons, the soundtracks, and at one point even had several of my own fan pages dedicated to various aspects of the show. This song is purely Buffy and will always make my ears perk up like an animal when I hear it. Believe me! Give it a listen and whether or not the 90's grungy feel hooks you, the chorus will definitely be ear candy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lena Anderssen

She's hauntingly honest, poetically pensive, and radiantly real. Lena Anderssen writes songs for rainy, contemplating days; the kind of songs that play in the background of the most life-changing moments in your existence. She describes her music as "Poetry Pop" and she's dead on. Her words are placed in a manner that seem to rhythmically dance with her melody, creating an alliance that weaves its way into your thoughts. She's already had a song of the day on Music Gems, but heck, I'm not sure you can overdose on Lena Anderssen! Here she is...

Who/What inspired you to pursue music?

First and foremost it has to be my love for music and creating it. When I
discovered that this was also an outlet for my inspirations, frustrations and everything else I wanted to say…that’s when I decided to make it “the thing I do”.

How do you usually write your songs?

I don’t have a set pattern or specific way of writing. Sometimes I’ll be walking on my way home from somewhere and a melody starts building in my head…I hum it over and over until I get home, grab the guitar and start working chords into the idea. The words usually come after…but often a phrase or a lyric idea is born together with the melody.

Other times I write out of pure necessity. Like if I’ve been totally down and need to pull myself up out of the mire. These songs usually come within ten minutes. Both melody and lyrics. And these are the songs I’m usually most proud of. They come from a place you had to experience in order write about.

I also write a lot of my songs together with my partner Niclas Johannesen…and that’s a very dynamic process. He throws out an idea, which I react to, bounce something back to him and sooner or later we have a song.

What is the first artist you remember loving as a child?

As a little girl I remember loving Karen Carpenter. She had such richness in her sound. I was always so fascinated at how much meat was on her lower notes. She didn’t become raspy and disappear into a course whisper, but sang out those low notes with texture and conviction. I also remember my first time hearing Judy Garland sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, and thinking to myself “I want to sing.”

If you could collaborate with one musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

There’s no doubt about it. It would have to be Bob Dylan the genius mystery man himself.

What is your dream venue to play?

My dream venue would be The Royal Albert Hall. I remember seeing a Lillith Fair concert there, where so many of my favourite female artists were performing. There’s something fragile and vulnerable about being on a stage where the audience is actually seated above you and around you. Something unnerving and yet at the same time totally empowering.

If you could experience another decade of music first hand, which would it be?

I’m torn between the sixties and the seventies. The sixties because so many revolutionary ideas and musicians sprung from that period. To be part of a decade when the world said “Enter Beatles” would have been thrilling to experience first hand. And the seventies, purely for Led Zeppelin and the rock guitar hippyness of it all! I love that.

If a movie is ever made about your life, who would play you?

She was magical to watch in Lost In Translation. It’s Scarlett Johansson. She has a way of catching the very nuances of a character. She doesn’t overplay and that subtlety really makes her characters come to life. Now if Woody Allen directed it, we would be able to capture the neurotic side of me too.

If you could pick a gemstone to symbolize you and your music what would it be?

I would choose a pearl. A pearl is classic. And kinda like the way I want my music to be. Not just something that’s a fashion statement or a hit right now. But something you can pull out of your music collection in twenty years and it won’t sound as if it’s outdated or grown old. A string of pearls is like a stack of good albums or a handful of must-listen-to songs.

Is there anything that I haven't asked that you'd like to say?

I think you’ve asked some really cool and refreshing questions. But I must say that I’m totally serious about that Bob Dylan collaboration.

There you have it guys...
Now, Go Listen!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Song of the Day: No Crow, Scarecrow by Kirk Hamilton

While most people are dreading Mondays, I'm looking forward to them. I'm always shocked to realize that my Monday schedule is 100% free. :D I double checked my phone, my e-mail, my calendar, and they all said the same thing...Today is mine! It makes me feel as though I've won just a little bit ;)

So here's a song I've been admiring for a while now. But me being me, I have to wait for the opportune moment to post it. If you haven't heard of him before, go check out Kirk Hamilton: I am amazed by his versatility as a musician. He can pull a Rock song from his hat just as easily as a Jazz one. That's a way to start my "minimal, must-dos Monday".

Monday, March 15, 2010

Song of the Day: Remember Thinking by Elmor

As much as my music tastes have developed and grown throughout the years, I still have a strong affinity for catchy songs. You can throw a billion cool tricks at me (not that this song doesn't), thought out metaphors, and all the "technically correct" musical decisions at me that you want. I will always go for the song that makes me feel something. And this song makes me feel a combination of contemplative and remorseful but amazingly hopeful at the same time. Go elmor! You have a new fan. :D

Friday, March 12, 2010

Song of the Day: Can't Erase It by Lena Anderssen

This song has been in my head for weeks, so really it should be the song of the month. There is something so captivating and addicting about it. My interpretation of it is it's about having to deal with aspects of life that you can't change but resolving to "make it" despite the odds stacked against you and working with what you have.And then "the sun will shine again". It's a truly beautiful song.

And now I just realized that both of my songs for today and yesterday had the word can't in the title. Wow...I need to be more positive. :D

Song of the Day: Can't Stand the Rain by The Rescues

I had the great opportunity last August to go to Berklee's Songwriting Workshop in Boston. One of the performers I was blessed enough to see were The Rescues. Just two seconds of listening and everyone (no exaggeration!) got out their phones and cameras to record. There was even a group of kids who walked miles (seriously!) to see their show in Boston later that night. If you haven't heard this song yet, you really should. Not to mention it's been raining a lot where I'm from...haha.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Panderers

I often find myself looking for bands that radiate that “special something”. I listen to hours of music on sites like Our Stage to find those great musicians that deserve to be passed around on mixed CD’s and shared with all your friends. So, when my ears caught a listen of their song “Really”, I instantly thought, “Damn, that’s good.”

On their myspace they describe themselves as minimalists and in many ways they are. With their “Midas touch”, they spin simple words and phrases into pure, catchy gold that I find myself captivated by. All of it is sung in this earthy, gritty tone that makes you believe every word. There is no doubt that they are guitar whisperers as well. Not to mention the addictive rhythm of the drums could stand alone and still make you dance like crazy. Every note, every solo, every word in two words could be summed up as this: naturally cool.

I got the chance to talk with the mastermind behind The Panderers (who couldn’t have been nicer), Scott Wynn. Here’s what he had to say.

1. Who/What inspired you to pursue music?
First, my dad's side of the family is really musical - mountain people from Kentucky. My dad's had a great uncle that used to cut records in a log cabin until the cabin burned down and melted all the recordings. I understand that you used to be able to mail order catalog record making machines for home use back then and they didn't need electricity. You would wind them up. Maybe they were cylinders like the Edison machines of the period, not sure.

My aunt is also a published Gospel singer and a trio that she competed in Knoxville, TN one year and won a major outdoor festival with all music genres competing. They won not only their genre of gospel, but also won out over all genres at the massive outdoor competition. My sister got a vocal scholarship to college. She is an alto. An alto can really make you appreciate a good deep bass voice ya know. Too high pitched voices hurt my ears. I am part puppy.

Then, growing up in Indiana, we lived next to Lonnie Mack's brother. Lonnie played bass on the Doors "Roadhouse Blues". He was more famous for being the first artist to popularize the Gibson Flying V guitar with a song called "Memphis" back in the 60s. We lived next to Lonnie's brother, Alvin McIntosh. He was a major influence in my musical upbringing. I still record almost exclusively with the guitar that I got from him at age twelve, a Japanese-made 1971 Epiphone Bard acoustic. Alvin happened to be a USO entertainer during the Korean War. How cool would that be?! Playing to sailors on ships during a war. He was an older dude, but cooler than Ray Charles, but in a hillbilly way. You can't fake being the "real deal." Humble and talented and uniquely humble and talented. He was homegrown. His whole family had it. I played rhythm for him starting around age 11 or 12. He was my biggest and most direct influence. He played a lot of bluegrass and trucker country. He was bad ass. I got exposed to music that I other wise would not have. That's like a free gas card.

2. How do you usually write your songs?

I am mostly a stream of consciousness writer. I play keys/synth/piano or guitar and rough a song together the words just want to be joined with it. Mostly it's about vibe an feel and not overdoing it. Being reserved and varying from song to song are my intent. Simple and humble rocked-out or vibed-up "ditties."

3. What is the first artist you remember loving as a child?

Joe Walsh/James Gang. Funk 49. That dude meant it. Some Classic Rock is truly "classic."

4. If you could collaborate with one musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

Yeah, Ray Charles. Smooth rough silk. I would just write simple ditties and listen to him turn them into smoke.

5.What is your dream venue to play?

Prolly a sold out UK football arena with Kings of Leon and Alabama 3 (A3). A3 does the Sopranos theme song. It's weird how in America, we have to resurrect The Rolling Stones to pack a football stadium. The Brits do it rather regularly. They have their priorities right. America is at an all-time low for seeing bands on tour. So, we steal music and don't go to shows. Not sure what that says about us.

6.If you could experience another decade of music first hand, which would it be?

1966 to 1976. Mamas and The Papas, CSNY, Zeppelin, Woodstock cast, Three Dog Night, Bread, Loggins an Messina, Zappa, AC/DC, ELO, Foreigner, Steve Miller Band and Bad Company. This is one dead-ass decade we are in now. The radio has nothing to say anymore. If video killed the radio star, Reality Shows killed the video star. I like mixtapes and satellite radio instead. Someone will come and save us. The last distinct and massive shifts in rock music were early 90s grunge and new millennia garage rock, followed by the popularization of many the forms of techno, then a rock disco binge, a hair metal burst that lasted a blip. But, mostly, it has been this one volume thing that Creed ushered in and morphed into Nickelback. These guys are all good, but I am saying the clone bands between that spread have really made rock dismal and mono-mono/same-same. I'm just saying, the bands I listed above co-existed at the same time and sounded nothing alike. Where is distinction. There are distinct bands out there, but the powers that be keep spinning the "safe stuff." I think most bands today that get national attention are indistinguishable from Nickelback. Record companies don't find hit songs, they finance the success of a song - often more than it deserves.

have no fear, some new Cobain or Jet "newer thing" will manifest itself and usher in a new era unleashing the hounds.. and it will be good. It's overdue, and it will take us by surprise... if we aren't immune to everything under the sun that is. We need help. We aren't satisfied unless we are shocked with "Crazy Bitch" and suggestive lyrics. I just want to slow down to the prelude to Ike and Tina's "Proud Mary" (Rolling on the River). Nice.....and ....slow.

Right now I am listening to that "Give me that filet o' fish, give me that fish" song. You play anything over and over enough and I will buy it as ringtone. Music is product - and someone has been stealing our product! What was the question?

7.If a movie is ever made about your life, who would play you?

Robert Blake and Robert Duvall's man-child.

8. If you could pick a gemstone to symbolize you and your music what would it be?

Shale. It's not a gemstone though, but it's a lackluster rock found above coal. It is mud condensed into rock. If it has cooked long enough underground and under pressure, it will become slate.

My dad was a coal miner at points in his life. He also cut mining timbers to hold up the shale roof in the mines. A small piece can weigh hundreds of pounds. Like the size of a car hood an inch thick can weigh 400 to 500 pounds My uncle had his back broken when the fragile flaky roof came down with a large piece and broke his back when he was mining as a youth. He recovered luckily.

So yeah, shale is it. No sense in sugar coating it - making it what it's not. Our sound is not gem-like, it's loose and underdone, gritty and dirtier and more reflective of human nature in general. It's okay not to be perfect. I don't like music that is uber-perfect and over produced. I prefer honesty and understated simplicity.

9. Is there anything that I haven't asked that you'd like to say?

Bit torrent servers suck. Music pirating may not hurt Mariah Carey, but the level of theft can break an indie band and make it difficult to impossible for us to get out and reach a larger number of people. Our first release was pirated for over $1M because we got exposure from a prominent a video game commercial. That money is what an Indie band tours on. People need to know that they aren't keeping bands from getting rich, they are keeping them from touring when they pirate music. That's all I got to day about that.

There you have it. Now GO LISTEN! :D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Meet the Blogger :D

Hello. My name is Louise and I will be your blogger today and for the duration of your listening hours if you will let me. I'd like to offer a little introduction to myself so that every time you see my name on the bottom of a post you will have deeper insight into the person behind the name.

Allow me...

I am a musician, a songwriter, a lover of the humanities and all things art. There is not a note in the world that I dislike and I'm hard pressed to find a genre I hate either. I am definitely open-minded to all types of music and look forward to finding those "rare gems". If you have a curiosity as to what my songs sound like you may find them (hopefully to your listening pleasure) here:

And so begins the blog...

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