Friday, May 28, 2010

Song of the Day: Bad Coffee (Builds Character) by The Alexandria Kleztet

So I promise that in the past 18 days that I've not blogged, that I wasn't kidnapped and dragged to the desert. BUT if I was, this song might do well as background music. I love world music or modern music with world music influences. The blend does the ear good.

In other news, Music Gems is about to see the dawning of a new day. I'm going to steadily be working in some new ideas and projects. So stick with me, even through the Louise-has-a-life stages and you're sure to appreciate it. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Song of the Day: Can't Let Go by Air Traffic Contoller

Love has a funny way of taking its toll on everyone, that's why the solution is best when your feelings are channeled into funny videos and songs. Basically this song highlights a guy thinking he sees the car of a girl he loves and used to be in a relationship with. He follows the car on its' route and they finally pull over only to be greeted with a punch from the man he has been following this whole time. So next time love is getting you down and you're missing someone, refer back to this video and know that it could always be worse. ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Song of the Day: If You Only Live Once by SLYDIGS

I've recently been delving into my thought patterns about life. I look around me and not enough of the environment I'm in encourages living in the moment. People seem to meander from moment to moment indulging in the thoughts of the past or future. But we only have now, so "lets get on with living". There is no guaranteed second chance at life. If this is it, you need to be proud of your choices. And I am extremely proud of my choice for making this the song of the day... ;) It is apparently very hard for me to stray away from my love of UK rock. Oh well, you only live once.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Song of the Day: Too Many Colors by Aleka's Attic

I am a big River Phoenix fan. I absolutely love Stand By Me and have been craving Dogfight. If you know who he was, then you know he was a very talented actor. What many people don't know was he was also a gifted musician. He seemed to be very deeply caring and contemplative. I love the sound of Aleka's Attic which is part Beatles, the Police, and throw in some jazz and reggae influences. I wish he had been able to fully realize his musical dreams before he passed away. I would've bought every album.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finn Miles

So I may be a bit biased but I have been in the mood for thinking, contemplative music. Finn Miles provides this effortlessly. With a gentle voice, steady strumming, and songs to dream to it is obvious that he values more than just the "performance" of music. He has drawn from his pure passion and heart.

With songs that stretch from "Looper" to "Catch You if I Can", Finn Miles has a comfortable range that never lingers too far from the core of his music. He is the type of artist that you could just as easily tap your feet to as you could cry.

Let's just say he had me at the intro of "Metamorphosis"... ;)

Who/What inspired you to pursue music?
I was inspired in college to take up guitar and harmonica in order to learn how to play the blues. The Animals version of "House of the Rising Sun" was the first song I became obsessed with. Once I learned the basics of guitar it seemed natural to write lyrics, jam, and be musically creative.

How do you usually write your songs?
I usually start with a concept, or a single "thesis" line; then I pick up my acoustic guitar and start trying to find the song's soul. Songwriting is very much like sculpting; I am usually working on a number of projects at once. I'll sit down and chip away at a lyric or melody, then come back to it in a week or two and continue to whittle away, bit by bit.
(see Tarkovsky's 'Sculpting in time'

What is the first artist you remember loving as a child?
The Beatles. I believe there is some embarrassing family footage of me strumming a tennis racket and lip-syncing to 'Help' somewhere on an old VHS tape in my parent's basement.

If you could collaborate with one musician, dead or alive, who would it be?
I would collaborate with Sufjan Stevens, just to see get an inside glimpse at his songwriting method. The guy is a genius!

What is your dream venue to play?
Austin City Limits would be a dream come true.

If you could experience another decade of music first hand, which would it be?
It seems like a trite answer, but I really believe the best music is yet to come. I'm excited about 2010 and beyond because I think it'll be the first decade of true post-rock music; the innovation of independent musicians is bound to churn out some indescribably good tunes.

If a movie is ever made about your life, who would play you?
I suppose I would play myself. If I wasn't available to play myself I'd ask Tobey Maguire to stand in.

If you could pick a gemstone to symbolize you and your music what would it be?
Opal. It's generally earth tone and blue; it's calming and has a lot of texture and depth.

Is there anything that I haven't asked that you'd like to say?
Live simply. Whistle. Say hi to people. Play music. Read a book. Learn how to love.

Watch for a new Finn Miles album and a tour in Fall 2010 at!