Monday, November 8, 2010

Mark Mandeville

Mark Mandeville along with his accomplice, Raianne Richards, manages to merge all that is good about country, indie, and folk into a melodic and soothing tune. He writes songs that suggest wisdom from hard earned life lessons. You're invited in by his honest and raw voice that is properly enhanced by warm background vocals, courtesy of Richards.

In the newest product of their collaboration titled "No Big Plans", Mandeville and Richards get their hands dirty (so to speak) with good 'ole down south country grit. From the "Airplane Song" that is a melodic, lazy, sunny day anthem to "Heavy Winds" that could rock you to sleep and awaken your soul at the same time. Perhaps the true title of this album should be "Nothing But Big Plans". Sweet music to my ears.

I am blessed with the opportunity to talk to Mark and even share the stage with him tomorrow at the Golden Bough. It's definitely going to be a night that I remember and if you show, I'm sure it will be for you as well.

Who/What inspired you to pursue music?
During high school, my first band had all the fixings - a basement to practice in, groupies, roadies, a sound man, and most importantly, a manager/some who strongly believed in us. Although this arrangement really boiled down to a bunch of good friends and something cool to do, we did take our band seriously. And honestly, I'm not sure where I'd be today without that former support; the whole situation was an extremely positive and self-fortifying experience.

How do you usually write your songs?

Two ways. One, I used to distract myself by any means possible in order to get to my subconscious. Two, I think I'm getting better at writing about subjects on a conscious level - usually beginning with method one and then whittle out shapeless bits, giving the piece some form which can be sung.

What is the first artist you remember loving as a child?
Man. I really did value the vocal work of Axl Rose.

If you could collaborate with one musician,dead or alive, who would it be?

What is your dream venue to play?
Carnegie Hall.

If you could experience another decade of music first hand, which would it be?
The early 70's.

If a movie is ever made about your life, who would play you?
Johnny Depp. Or maybe, more appropriately, an up-and-comer.

If you could pick a gemstone to symbolize you and your music what would it be?
Granite. Sorry, don't they make rings out of that?

Is there anything that I haven't asked that you'd like to say?
Just thank you.

To learn more about Mark, check out his website:

Listen to his songs for free here: Airplane Song, Heavy Winds